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Adulting is hard. But it doesn’t have to be. We covered a lot of topics in school that most of us never, ever use in actual life — like how to write a haiku — and yet we weren’t taught so many of the adulting lessons that can help us find lasting success. A personal finance course would have helped, right? That is why we’re here — to help navigate the depths of adulthood by covering all of the important topics that our parents and teachers didn’t teach us. Consider us your ultimate circle of trusted advisors and experts who are here to help you “adult” successfully.

Like so many of us, I witnessed the divorce of my parents. I was heartbroken, of course, but the true heartbreak was witnessing my mom struggle to find independence after decades of being taken care of by someone else. After seeing my mom struggle to gain financial confidence and ultimately, freedom, I vowed to never be financially dependent on anyone and empowered myself to learn the skills my mom never learned.

I pursued a career in real estate and now work on one of the top teams in the world. I spearhead the OFFICIAL x A Team Orange County Team and I have sold over $1 billion dollars in real estate.

I attribute a lot of my success to the team of people who help me stay on top of my life and finances — my financial advisor, insurance broker, CPA, and lawyers. I realized that most people don’t have the discretionary income to be able to afford these services. This is where Aelyn steps in. Aelyn’s reason for existing is simple — to teach everyone the life skills necessary to not only survive, but thrive. 

We provide the lessons and tools that no one ever taught us — from smart financing, to nutrition, to how to make an estate plan — plus we will give you access to acclaimed experts in the subjects that we address. We want to rid the stigma of “not knowing” and help people become self-empowered through self-education.

What we do

Aelyn is an online platform offering informative classes, lectures, and tools in subjects like business, finance, real estate, and life skills. Our coursework is offered in bundles curated around specific life events like finding career confidence or thriving after a divorce. Each bundle includes access to all materials and one-on-one conversations with CPAs, lawyers, real estate brokers, and other certified professionals.

What makes Aelyn so special?

We are Affordable

There are many services out there that people can enlist for help. The trouble is, they are often expensive, and when someone is trying to grow wealth, that is definitely not ideal. Aelyn provides affordable packaged lessons and materials based on specific life events, because answers to life’s essential questions should never come with a high price tag.

We are Approachable

It’s hard to find the time and resources to get the answers to the questions you have about different life events. Aelyn is here to empower our members to ask the questions they didn’t know to ask and to provide the answers needed in a supportive, digestible, and straight-forward way.

We are Audacious

Few people are going to tell it exactly how it is, and even fewer are going to tell you about the many challenges you will inevitably face. Aelyn doesn’t shy away from that. We are totally transparent and encourage our members to think about the things most people avoid so you can prepare for it. Because life happens.

Our courses

We’re always evolving our course offerings, but these are some of our current favorite courses. 


      • Finance 101: Mastering Your Finances

      • Career 101: The Building Blocks

      • Leveling Up Your Career 

      • Loans 101: Borrowing Money the Right Way

      • Real Estate Essentials 101: Getting Started as an Agent!

    Our blog and social media

    We want to connect with you on a day to day basis via our blog and social media. We’ll be supplementing our courses with free resources that you can access daily when you need an inspiration boost or want to find a solution to a problem. Whether that be in our Facebook Group for Aelyn members where we host webinars and start important conversations, on Instagram where we share inspiration and bite-sized resources, or on the blog where our team of writers tackle topics ranging from credit scores to building a business to navigating relationships. We want you to feel in control of every area of your life and we believe knowledge is the best way to achieve that. 

    We’re so excited you’re here. 

    With love,

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    Aelyn’s reason for existing is simple — to teach everyone the life skills necessary to not only survive, but thrive.

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