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What A Day in the Life of a Top Real Estate Agent Looks Like


Aelyn’s founder Ariana Gaffoglio just so happens to be one of the most successful real estate agents in the world. When she’s not helping bring vital resources to Aelyn members to help them take control of their careers, money, and personal lives, she’s hustling to keep building her real estate empire. Ariana credits her success as a top real estate agent to her thoughtful and rigorous daily schedule that helps her stay motivated and manage her time. Keep reading to see what her day-to-day routine looks like on both the weekdays and the weekends. 

Meet Ariana Gaffoglio

Channeling her natural confidence, fortitude, and sales skills, Ariana pursued a career in real estate and now works on one of the top teams in the world. Ariana spearheads the OFFICIAL x A Team in Orange County, which she played an instrumental role in launching. She  has sold over $1 billion dollars in real estate.

Why Routine Matters

If you’re motivated and disciplined, being in control of your day-to-day schedule is one of the main perks of working as an agent. That being said, starting your career as an agent can be a difficult adjustment if you’re used to having a manager whose job it is to help you stay on track and accomplish your goals. While no one day will ever look truly the same when you work in real estate, having a good idea of how you like to structure your days and what you want to accomplish each week will make it a lot easier to stay on track. 

Ariana is sharing how she structures her day in a way that allows her to balance immediate needs (like showings) with the tasks that will help her business grow. You’ll also see that she makes her health and personal relationships a priority in her schedule which helps her balance the demands of her job with wellness. 

What a top real estate agent’s daily schedule looks like

Ariana’s weekday schedule

What each weekday looks like can vary a lot depending on what’s on my agenda, but I’ve outlined the general structure I use to plan my days no matter what I have going on. 

5:30 am

I set my alarm bright and early for 5:30 am so I have plenty of time for my morning routine.  

I get out of bed immediately and wash my face and brush my teeth. Then I make a cup of hot tea and take any daily vitamins and supplements. I then check emails and review my schedule for the day so I don’t forget about any upcoming meetings, appointments, or to-do’s. 

6:00 am

I aim to do 30 to 45 minutes worth of cardio in the morning while catching up on emails and what’s going on in the news. I always strive to stay up to date on what is going on in the real estate industry, financial sector, and the world in general so I can provide better insight to my clients. I also like to check the MLS bright and early to see what new properties are on the market that may be a good fit for my clients. I can do a lot of this work while doing my cardio—I’m a big multitasker. 

7:00 am

I workout with my trainer four times a week in the AM. 

8:00 am

I like to Facetime with my mom, sister, and nephew. Family is really important to me, so I make it a priority to check in with them every morning.

This is also when I shower and get ready for the day. I make a quick breakfast and head to the office.

9:15 am

By 9:15, I’m out the door and on the way to the office.

Once I’m in the office I focus on daily client follow ups (new leads, hot leads, buyers, and sellers). Then I work with my team on accomplishing our daily points for the day. We prospect every single day and we like to hit 30 points daily of money making activities. 

This is also when I will schedule showings, listing appointments, and other appointments throughout the day. Then I will go to broker previews from 10 am to 1 pm for my farm areas on broker preview days.

How much time I spend in the office versus being out of the office to work with clients can depend on what I have going on during the day, like:

      • Prospecting

      • Showings

      • Listing appts

      • Zoom meetings

      • Team meetings

      • New lead prospecting

      • Past client follow up

      • Door knocking etc.

    11:00 am

    From here, my day can vary a bit but always centers around one or more of the following tasks:

        • Prospecting

        • Listing appointments

        • Showings

        • Office work

        • Door knocking

      12:00 pm

      I’ll usually book a networking lunch if I’m not in showings or listing apps. Gotta love a power lunch.

      1:00 pm 

      After lunch I pick back up with prospecting, listings, showings, appointments, office work, and door knocking. 

      Once I’ve wrapped up my work day I like to confirm any appointments I have set for the following day and check in on my inbox. 

      6:00 pm

      To wind down the work day, I go on a sunset walk where I tackle any conference calls or networking calls for an hour-hour and a half. These calls may be with current clients, past clients, referral sources, or new leads etc. Of course, I also try to call friends or family when I have the time to catch up. 

      7:00 pm

      It’s time for dinner and to relax a bit! 

      8:00 pm

      Before bed, I always review my schedule again for the next day so I know what’s coming up and am fully prepared. I also write down my to-do list and 30 points schedule. 

      9:30 pm

      I’ll meditate for 10 minutes using the Headspace app and then check my emails and texts one last time before going to bed. 

      Ariana’s weekend schedule

      As a real estate agent, you’ll often find yourself working on weekends since that’s when many of your clients will prefer to do listings and showings. While I always set aside Sunday for relaxation and personal commitments, you’ll see that Saturday usually includes a mix of work and personal time. 


      6:30 am 

      I sleep in a bit later on Saturdays, but start my day the same way each day—tea, vitamins, and email.

      7:00 am

      I’ll mix up my Saturday schedule depending on how many appointments I have booked. I may find myself:

          • Going on a walk or hike or head to the gym to workout and enjoy the sauna

          • Checking the MLS and sending properties to clients

          • Attending showing and listing appointments

          • Heading to events (work or social)

          • Clearing out my inbox and catching up on the news

        1:00 pm

        I like to reserve Saturday afternoons for open houses.

        5:00 pm

        I’ll go on a sunset walk, have dinner with loved ones, or just enjoy a relaxing night in. 


        I always take Sunday off to rest and reset for the week! As tempting as it is to keep hustling, it’s important to set boundaries and to give yourself time to disconnect from work. As a real estate agent you’re always connected with colleagues and clients, so taking time for yourself is imperative for being able to keep up that strong level of connection. 

        Why her schedule works

        Ariana runs a tight ship and knows that in order to reach all of her personal and professional goals she can’t leave her days unstructured. By making time for wellness, immediate business needs, and tasks that help grow her business, each day she works towards making all areas of her personal and business life function well together. 

        For more of Ariana’s expert insight on building a career as a top real estate agent, check out Real Estate Essentials 101: Getting Started as an Agent!

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